Current Release: beta

Download from: market

or from the project page

Requirement: Android 2.2 (Froyo)



This app polls a web-page in regularly intervals and checks the content for a keyword. The keyword can be defined using regular expressions.


The initial configuration monitors the Nexus 10 page for the price (and the sold-out state). The alarm is initially turned off.



How to install:

The easiest way is to install the app using the Android-Market.

Click on the following link: Web-Monitor


If the app can not be installed using the Android-Market the apk-file can be downloaded from the project site and installed manually using an APK installer. There are a lot of different ways how to do this. One way is the following:


1.) Install the "Apps Installer" from the market.


2.) Allow unknown-sources (non-market) in the application settings.


3.) Copy the Web-Monitor.apk file into your sdcard (e.g. to the /sdcard/download folder)


4.) Start "Apps Installer"

4.a) scroll to the entry "Web-Monitor" and follow the dialog






  1. Start the application Web-Monitor
  2. Open the settings dialog either using the menu or by tapping the orange Button
  3. Enter the URL for the Web-Page to monitor
  4. Enter a Keyword in the Reg-Ex input field
  5. Tap on the green hook
  6. Activate the alarm using the menu or the red top right button
  7. Quit the App by pressing the „Back“ or „Home“ key
  8. As soon as the keyword is found on the monitored Web-Page an alarm will be triggered. A notification sound rings and a notification icon appears
  9. The notification Icon can be pulled down. There is said how many matches of the keyword were found
  10. Tapping the info line starts the app and details of the matches can be seen in a table
  11. To open the monitored Web-Page in a browser tap the blue world icon at the top

Elements of the Main-View:



Ferenc Hechler



The project is in an early phase, so there is a fair chance that not all runs smooth.   :-)

Feedback is allways welcome.

Just mail at the following addres:

Elements of the Settings-View:




The URL to the Web-Page to be scanned, e.g. „http://news.google.com“




The keyword to be searched for, e.g.: „Berlin“

All occurrence of the keyword in the whole HTML text are searched case sensitiv.

The keyword is defined as a regular expression. So to search case insensitive you can use: „[Bb][Ee][Rr][Ll][Ii][Nn]“


A more complex example: „[>]([^<>]*\bBerlin\b[^<>]*)[<]“

This expression selects the whole text which contain the word „Berlin“ inside a HTML-Tag. The first parentheses define the relevant content. In the example the leading „>“ and trailing „<“ are not selected.


Another example: „Price: ([0-9,.]+)“

The expression Matches text like „Price: 33,12“. As match result only the „33,12“ are taken.


Attention: The reg-ex can be very slow if formulated very generic, e.g. „[^<>]*Berlin\b[^<>]*“ executes very slow, because the first part can be applied to nearly every character of the page. Try to start your expression with a fix character.


Notify on change only:


If deselected the icon in the status line is shown whenever any match is found. If checked a notification is made whenever the match-result changes. Even the disappearing of a match will trigger a notify.


Notification sound:


Select which sound is made when an alarm is triggered (None / Beep / standaed Notification-Sound).




Select at which intervall the background process searches for matches. An internet connection is made every time and the current matches are searched.



Button "Update":

Updates the matches table with the current search settings

Button "Settings":

Opens the Settings-View

Button "Web":

Opens the configured Web-Page

Button "Alarm":

Turns the alarm on and off. If the green bar is shown the alarm is active



Under the buttons the current search selection (Keyword + URL) is shown




The result of the last search is shown in a table, With update a new search can be started to update the table. If there are more results the matches table can be scrolled down.